The condition for becoming a BiQVER is to share your travel or field notebooks with the BiQVI either digitally (scanning the notebook) or physically, transferring them to the BiQVI documentary collection.

First day Traveler’s Notebooks 1.1

Last Saturday, June 18, we organized the first day of Traveler’s Notebooks 1.1, at the Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món, and included the participation of the renowned scientific illustrator Carles Puche, who offered a keynote talk on his field notes and shared techniques, curiosities and tricks with all attendees.
He also opened up his travel notebooks from Austria, Germany, Morocco, Yellowstone and the Galapagos Islands, making us enjoy his experiences, while he talked with Jordi Serrallonga, naturalist, anthropologist, expedition guide and curator of the exhibition El viatge il·lustrat Exhibition at the Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món, on Montcada, 12 street.


The challenge: Traveler’s notebook 

During the day, we pose a challenge to all attendees: create your own travel notebook. It is about making a chronicle of this summer 2022, be it on a long or short trip, or simply the experiences lived during the summer.

To encourage and help to do the challenge, Sakura Pigma Micron notebooks and markers were distributed among the attendees, inside a very cool backpack bag.

And a reunion was called on September 17 to share their notebooks, with the possibility of presenting them in public and recording a couple of questions that will form part of a video produced by the Museu Etnològic I de Cultures del Món itself. As well as enjoying an excellent talk with Lapin, urban sketcher, notebook and mobile illustrator.

To participate in the challenge it’s necessary to make a travel or field notebook this summer of 2022. The content, technique, theme and support are free (it does not have to be the notebook that we give away, although it would be great if it were used) always that it is a notebook (loose sheets will not be accepted) and graphically narrate the experiences lived during this summer.


Anyone who wants to join the challenge, but could not attend the event on June 18, can register by sending us an email to or a private message to our Instagram @biqvi_project. The first 54 who sign up for the challenge will have at their disposal a bag-backpack, a drawing book and a PigmaMicron marker as a gift, which they can pick up, in their name, at the Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món, on Montcada, 12 street of Barcelona, ​​and in this way to be able to use it as a support to do the challenge, if they wish.


In the Travel notebook 1.2 conference, which we will celebrate on September 17, a small selected group, due to the limited time that we will have for this, will be able to make a public exhibition of their notebook and participate in a video that will be produced by the Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món. For this it is necessary to send an email, before September 12, to with a selection of a few photos (maximum 8) of the contents of your notebook.


Regardless of the selected ones, all the participants in the challenge, as long as they give us their permission, we will scan your notebooks afterwards and you will be part of the BiQVER club and whoever wants can also give them physically for our documentary collection.


The 15 selected will receive a bag and a gift from Sakura and Royal Talens, our sponsor, apart from the possibility of exhibiting in public, the recording of the video by the Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món, the scanning of their notebook and the inclusion in the BiQVI documentary collection, and the BiQVER club card, which we will send later.


The rest of the challenge participants will have the opportunity to participate in the recording of the video, the scanning of their notebooks and incorporation into the BIQVI documentary collection and obtain the BiQVER club card, which will be sent later.


If for some reason you do not arrive on time to send us the images of your travel notebook on September 12, or you cannot come to the session on September 17, but you still want to be part of the BiQVER club, just by sending us an email we will enable you a collection point to be able to scan your notebook and incorporate it into the BiQVI documentary collection, and issue the BiQVER Club card, which will be sent later.